Our plastic contains a unique blend of polymers. Improved strength and stretch-ability provide more protection against hail, rodents, and cover crews.

The Main Benefits of using our plastic:

  • Thickness: 5, 6 or 8 mil
  • 2 in 1 that combines “Saran Wrap” underlay and 5ml black on white in ONE roll
  • Long “Master rolls” – 60′ x 1000′
  • Highly reflective white side & 100% black side results in quality silage
  • HITEC Plastic Bags – 9.5ml x 12 ft and 14 ft up to 500 ft long

Our Silage Inoculant is equipped with two types of lactic acid producing bacteria: Pediococcus Pentosaceus to jump-start the fermentation process and Lactobacillus Plantarum to drive the pH balance lower for a stable end finished product.

Our Inoculant offers proprietary enzymes that unlock sugars to fuel fermentation with the side benefit of improving NDF digestability along the way.

At GHC AG our hybrids prove our commitment to improving forage quality by improving both NDF and starch digestibility.

GHC AG corn & sorghum hybrids offer proprietary genetics and key agronomic characteristics such as early season vigor, stress tolerance, disease resistance and stand ability. The seeds also provide powerful performance, yield-enhancing technology and value.

GHC AG makes it possible for you to work with the most passionate professionals in the seed industry who can help to maximize productivity and yield potential. Mycogen Seeds is one of the only seed breeding company’s that focus on corn silage breeding. We are here to provide you with quality tonnage to make your girls happy.

Is your soil healthy? We always talk about making sure the rumen has the correct bug and ph levels, shouldn’t we do the same for the soil we grow our forages in? As with good cow nutrition, we can’t grow healthy plants in poor quality soil. We can analyze your soil to evaluate its health. We can then recommend any treatments needed to improve soil health.

We can help you get your soil back on track to where it needs to be. We are equipped with an experienced agronomist that will work on a tailored plan for your soil.


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